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"There's always another way, if you have someone to help you look for it"

Nurse Phyllis Crane

Call the Midwife

Two Dried Leaves


Hello! My name is Cecilia and I'm a psychotherapist. In my work, I help adult women who are feeling stuck, disconnected, and who are beating themselves up over all kinds of crap.

If you're here reading this, odds are that you are looking for help. You're shopping around for a therapist who will be a good fit, help you figure some things out and get back on track. Congratulations for taking this incredibly difficult first step. 

For some reason you can't pinpoint, the things that used to help you feel better, or do better, aren't working anymore. You're thinking that you just can't do anything well enough whether it's at work, school, at home with your spouse, kids, or friends...maybe even with a new baby. That voice saying that "you could be doing more" has been nagging and nagging. It might feel like you're alone in your experience and you worry about letting others down, being a burden. You feel like a rope stretched so, so tight that you're starting to fray. Your patience isn't what it used to be and little things have been setting you off. You wonder why you just can't pull it together and just get through this, already! 

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel capable and confident again? Instead of questioning and doubting yourself, to automatically think, "I got this, no problem!" How about feeling content and truly connected to those around you, like they're "your people" and where you belong?

Well, like Nurse Crane from Call the Midwife said in that fantastic quote above (man, I love that show...all the feels, give it a shot if you haven't seen it yet), together we can help you find another way, one that leads you back to that place. Or there for the first time in your life.

Here's the part where you tool around the rest of my website to learn how, and more about me.



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