Stressed Woman


"I am barely hanging on."

The tension in your body and soul is through the roof. Thoughts are racing in your mind nonstop, your focus is crap. It's hard to sit still long enough to complete any one task on that neverending to-do list. Other "to-do" items keep popping into your head and you think that you can probably squeeze that one task in really quickly. So you put what you were doing down (for just a moment!), planning to come back to it so very fast. Rinse, repeat. Once upon a time, you managed your time so well, but now...?

Maybe the stress has progressed into anxiety. Worry. It's constant. It's even messing with your sleep. You worry about what will happen when you drop a ball. It's catastrophe after catastrophe until your life plan is completely derailed and you end up destitute, miserable, and alone. You worry about letting others down. What will happen to (insert any loved one, boss, or co-worker here) when they learn what a failure you are? They're counting on you to have your shit straight!

Breathe. Do it again. One more time, a nice deep belly breath. OK, are you with me again? We can get a handle on this. We can calm a lot of that noise, turn off that buzzing, crackling bug zapper inside you. Working on learning skills that can help you in the here and now, when you're starting to spin out can help you start making some changes. To help those changes stick, we also need to get down and dirty mucking around in the experiences you've had that have gotten you to this place. Did you learn that it's your job to be perfect so that everything and everyone will be okay? Did you learn that if you don't get it all done, no one will? Did you learn that you're not deserving of love if you're not a superstar at everything you do? Whatever it is, we can work to root it out and start chipping away at those beliefs. Let's start shaping them into something different that actually helps you instead of buries and overwhelms you. With some patience, self-compassion, and support, you've SO got this.