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Taking a Break


"My family deserves a better version of me."

There is so much to keep track of. You're trying so hard but you can rarely keep up. You wonder what is wrong with you. Every other mom you know is at least as busy as you are but they easily manage it all, and then some. They're not the frazzled, hot mess that you are. Just once, it wold be so great to get all the things on the list done... and not feel wrecked and crabby. 

You'd love to be more present and content when you're with your kids. You feel bad all the time now when they want your attention. Either you don't have the time or your mind is on all the other things you "should" be getting done before it gets too late. Your partner doesn't get the attention you'd like to give them either. When was the last time you had a night out, just the two of you? You're paying for an exercise program or gym but you never have time/energy to do it. There just isn't enough time in the day for all the things you "have" to do, let alone for yourself or friends. Or fun. And that really sucks because you used to be a ton of fun.

Do you that this isn't just what life looks like now that you're a mom? We get consumed by our ideas about how things are "supposed" to be and we compare ourselves to others, forgetting that we never know anyone else's full story. We don't give ourselves credit where it's due and are overly harsh with ourselves when something slides off track. I work with my clients to help them identify what standards they're holding for themselves, where they came from, and how aligned and authentic they feel for us. By taking an objective look at these standards, working to have compassion for ourselves, and reconnecting with our own intuition, we can start to feel more in our own skin again and more in control. You can reclaim the fun and more competent-feeling version of you again.

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