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I provide individual therapy to women from 18 years old on up. I see college students, emerging adults, working women, moms, working moms...any combination of the above. I have experience treating various mood disorders such as depression and anxiety and problems associated with stress at work/home/school, identity confusion, life transitions, relationships, self-esteem, family issues, and trauma.

At the beginning of our work together, I aim understand what what is causing you distress in your life and what you would like to change. We will talk about how you were managing these painful emotions before, why those ways no longer work, and devise new ways to feel better now. 

As we put those new ways into action and you start to feel more like yourself again, we will also try to uncover what is underlying the problematic situations you're encountering and how previous experiences have played a role in bringing you to this point. While the past is the past and we can't change it, we can come to understand it differently and learn new things from it, things that can give us the freedom to make different and better choices in our lives today.

I'm here to walk this path of exploration and change-making with you as long as you need support. My ultimate goal is for you to become empowered and knowledgeable enough about yourself to continue on your own, as I know you can. 

Look through the drop-down menu on my Services header to read more about the particular issues with which I've got most experience/training.