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Making the decision to seek help can be the start of a truly empowering journey. All of us reach points where we know something has to change. But realizing that we have the power to make that change — and then actually doing it — is rarely easy. It takes grit and sometimes painfully honest reflection...and that can be tough as hell. Some of us have spent a lifetime running away from tough and painful! Yet, here you are reading this. 

If you're ready to get down and dirty with the hard work (more on that below), the most important thing is that you find a therapist who is a good fit for YOU. Without that good fit, we just end up spinning our wheels and further frustrated. Ain't nobody got time for that. So, let me tell you a little bit about how I operate.

(I like to think that) My personality is warm and engaging. I aim to make you feel comfortable, safe, and accepted in what can be an awkward and just plain weird situation for many.  I'm also sarcastic, funny, and matter-of-fact. My goal is to create an environment where you can open up and examine aspects of yourself, and those you love, that you may have avoided thinking about in the past. Then we do a kind of time traveling as I work with you to look at your past and understand why the problems you are experiencing exist in the first place. Without knowing that, any other fix is merely a band-aid and won't get you very far. We also look at what's happening now, in your day to day to devise ways to manage the emotions and struggles you're currently dealing with. By looking at the past and present, you can come to see how you have the capacity to take things in a new direction. 

That said, please know that this work takes time. That hard work I mentioned above? Well, it's common when starting therapy to feel worse before feeling better. This isn't a quick solution. You won't walk out of my office after three visits with a neat little checklist of action items to tick off that will miraculously revolutionize your life and make everything suddenly great. Patience and commitment are part of the deal. So is the courage and readiness to look at the painful and ugly things (about yourself, about those you love) and sit with them for a bit. If you're looking for a quick fix, therapy might not be what you're looking for, or at least not at this time. You might want to consider looking into life coaching instead. A nice run-down of the differences between coaching and psychotherapy can be found here. Know your options to best get the help you need to achieve your particular goals at this time.

Clients have told me I've helped them connect the dots, be more authentic, and make more constructive choices. I have also been called a Ghostbuster (because I helped identify the spectres of people/things past that continued to haunt and influence how they were operating in the here and now). When I hear feedback like that, I know I'm doing my job! For me, there’s nothing quite like the energy in the room when good "work" is being done in a session.



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