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When I'm not busy therapizing in Evanston, I'm in Andersonville parenting three daughters alongside my husband. I try to walk the walk by showing up for my family and friends as best I can while also making time for things I do for me. Being in a long-term relationship and parenting are both things that can consume us easily and each year, it's clearer how important it is to strive for those things that bring balance to life. For me, those things include volunteering, exercising, reading, bike rides, walks, crafts, singing, camping, and spending time laughing with people I love.  

I was born in Lima, Peru, though I mostly grew up in the States. I would often go back and visit for extended periods of time and Spanish was the language spoken in my home. I am very familiar with the feeling of straddling two worlds, even two lives and carrying a lot of expectation and responsibility.

As a two-time Northwestern graduate, I am also familiar with perfectionism and the pressure of high expectations/demands in a competitive environment. That experience of going from being a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond is a common one in college and it often catches us unprepared!